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When it comes to giving our home a makeover, our driveway and concrete surfaces are often one of the common things that we forget about. Here at Driveway Sealers, we have all the concrete and driveway paints, sealers and finishes that you need.

As part of the Omega Paints brand, we’ve been supplying Australians with concrete and driveway paints, sealers and finishes since 1987. As a top choice for painters, landscapers, tradies and the alike, our products have been a top choice when it comes to satisfying their clients’ needs in both the domestic and commercial sectors.

With so many products to choose from, creating a new driveway or sprucing up your old one is easy. Also, our products are heavy duty and durable, so no matter how many feet or tyres have gone over it, your driveway and concrete surfaces will look and feel newer for longer compared to any other competitor.

If our competitive prices haven’t already enticed you to shop with us, then we’ll also throw in free delivery in VIC, NSW and QLD.

What Our Clients Say

  • Thank you for the fast quotes and amazing information that I needed for the old house. It look's like new.... Well the driveway

    ~Carol Vella

  • Amazing product, I can't believe a person like myself with no skill was able to apply the concrete sealer products. Thank you

    ~Jacob Scarono

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